Our Programs

Our Programs that we offer at Fair Winds Farm

Fair Winds Farm is a PATH, CTRI/Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning Certified Instructors offering Equine Assisted Services. 

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is an area of non-therapy services comprised of equine-assisted learning (EAL) in education, organizations, and in personal development.

Our team at Fair Winds Farm are specifically trained and certified professionals who leverage experiential activities involving interactive mounted/unmounted activities with horses, and the equine environment to benefit participants to build self-confidence, and self-esteem and provide a safe and nurturing place to grow.

Changing lives through the power of the horse. The benefits of equine-assisted services have been recognized for a long time. Partnering with horses can have a major physical and emotional impact on people with a wide variety of emotional challenges. Fair Winds Farm has certified and caring staff that creates a natural and peaceful setting for self-exploration, allowing the participant to reach health and wellness goals – as well as experience fun and hope – by working with horses.

Areas of Personal Growth:

  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Confidence
Childs Hand on a Horse

Adolescent/Teen Programs

Stable Connections
Working with horses and learning to communicate with them often leads to a boost in self-esteem. It is very empowering to partner with a thousand-pound animal (or even a 200-pound donkey!) and realize achievements you never thought possible.

Through theme-based unmounted activities, the participant will learn about themselves and work on personal goals by partnering with their horse.

Areas of personal growth include communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, confidence, and creativity. Participants will also gain trust with their horses and explore respectful boundaries. A creative component will also allow for self-expression.

In response to the global and community mental health crisis for children and youth, Link House, Inc. launched the Children And Teen Center for Help (CATCH). The program will empower and support children, teens, and their families to understand and nurture their mental well-being.

Fair Winds Farm has partnered with the C.A.T.C.H. to provide an opportunity for teens and adolescents. A 6-week summer pilot program from June-August allows children and adolescents to participate in an hour-long session each week.
Two sessions will include a 9-12 group and a 13-17 youth group.

Childs Hand on a Horse

Private Lessons

One-on-one hourly unmounted lessons are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Adult Programs

Time to reconnect with yourself and equines and begin to explore mindfulness with an equine partner.

Hour lessons include mindfulness techniques, learning about how the horse thinks, and in turn how we present ourselves to the horses. The sessions are 1:1 and group workshops are offered on weekends. Please contact us for more information.

Mounted Programs

Private riding lessons are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Childs Hand on a Horse